FUTURA cold store is a new logistics provider, we offer storage and transport of frozen food products.

As a business partner of FUTURA cold store, you can count on excellent service. Our employees are primarily trained to provide customized services to meet your specific needs. The procedures that are fully aligned with our customers' processes, the result is a high degree of efficiency. Because we manage the reception, storage and dispatch of goods and transport (domestic and international), we can offer to the business partners a complete solution.

Your goods, our care

Upon receipt, our employees inspect all goods for quantity, temperature and quality. Samples from pallets will also be taken on request. The warehouse management system (WMS) indicates the location where the goods will be stored. We can provide a target label to the palette. To provide the widest possible range of excellent services, our offer offers solutions for customers, such as:

  • storage of goods under appropriate conditions
  • collection and dispatch of goods
  • the possibility of commissioning goods
  • we provide you with transhipment and weighing of goods and forklift services
  • other warehousing services by arrangement

FUTURA cold store is a modern logistics center for all your frozen and refrigerated products, your goods will be stored with the utmost care. Thanks to our excellent geographical location - close to the main motorway - you can reach us quickly and easily.


FUTURA cold store is a company that specializes in the storage of frozen and refrigerated goods. FUTURA cold store will manage all products that must be stored under these conditions. The use of automated systems allows us to operate accurately and efficiently and ensures that your goods can be traced at any time.


The Futura cold store also has the resources to meet all your transport needs. We can arrange transportation and manage the distribution of your goods - including shipments and freight across Europe.